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 My name is Catherine Robson and I am a practicing Medium, Intuitive & Oracle Card Reader, Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Colour Therapist, Aromatherapist, Thermal Auricular Therapist and Nutritional Therapist based in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK.

I am a Fellow/Advisory Member of the SHTC (The Society for Holistic Therapists and Coaches) and all of my Courses are accredited by The SHTC for CPD (Continuous Professional Development).  I am fully insured with Westminster Indemnity Ltd for all of the services I provide.

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  The Services I offer are:


I offer various types of Spiritual, Intuitive & Oracle Card Readings by e-mail.  I also offer in-person Divine Guidance Readings from a relaxing therapy room in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.  Maybe you are looking for some guidance in your life, or would like to find out which spiritual beings are working with you at the present time.  You might be looking for some information about what you can do to help your pets, or are interested in receiving a message from one of your loved ones who have gone to the other side.  Or maybe you have always wanted to find out about one of your past lives.  Come and visit the Readings page on my main website to find out more about the types of readings I offer and how they can help you.  You will be able to find a reading that suits you and your needs.


I offer many types of distance and in-person Energy Healing and Complementary Therapies designed to treat the mind, body and spirit, which will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvinated and pampered.  Receiving a distance Healing or Therapy session is a lovely experience, because you will be able to relax in your own home, whilst enjoying the wonderful energies that are being sent to you.  Distance Healing and Therapy sessions work just as well as in-person ones, since energy can be sent through time and space.  If you prefer to have an in-person treatment, you will be welcomed to a relaxing therapy room in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, where you will receive a lovely soothing, yet uplifting, beneficial treatment.  Come and visit the Healing and Therapies pages on my main website for more details on the wonderful sessions I have available for you...


I offer many different distance Attunement Courses to help you to connect to your own spiritual and healing gifts and the wonderful spiritual energies and beings that are here to help us.  Since these are correspondence courses, they are designed so that you can relax, enjoy and learn in the comfort of your own home... If you are a busy mum with children, are housebound for any reason, work full time and can't get to in-person workshops, or just like to study by distance learning, these courses will suit you perfectly as you can study in your own time and attunements can be done at a time that suits us both.  There is nothing better than being able to lie on your own bed or sit in your favourite armchair to receive a wonderful attunement from Source.  To find out more about my courses, please visit the Courses page and Web Store on my main website.

I have some great special offers on at the moment - please come and take a look at the Special Offers page that is in my Web Store, on my main website.  The offers change at regular intervals (usually monthly but this can vary).  Also, if you sign up to be a Member of my website, you will receive occasional e-mails with even more offers and details of new things I have added to my website.  To sign up as a Member, go to my website and there is a section on the top of the sidebar on the right hand side of the page where you can join.  Membership is free :-)  You will be able to chat to others on  your profile page and I have a private forum you can join too where you can chat with myself and others and ask questions.  There is also a Prayer Room on the forum where you can ask for prayers and healing thoughts for yourself and others.  You can also offer your own prayers and healing thoughts for anyone who asks for help.

I also have a Free Offerings page, where I hope you will enjoy the free self attunements, meditations and free attunement of the month.

Don't forget to visit my "What's New?" page each time you visit, to find out any latest news.

Why not come and treat yourself to a Reading, Healing, Therapy or Course today!  You know you deserve it!

 I am available at the following times:

I am currently available for distance and in-person Readings, distance and in-person Healing & Therapy Sessions and distance Courses/Attunements.  All times are either GMT or BST depending on the time of year.

The times I am available for distance work are:

  • Monday: 10am-11am, 1pm-2pm and 9pm-10.30pm
  • Tuesday: 10am-11am, 1pm-2pm and 9pm-10.30pm
  • Wednesday: 10am-11am, 1pm--2pm and 9pm-10.30pm
  • Thursday: 10am-11am, 1pm-2pm and 9pm-10.30pm
  • Friday: 10am-11am, 1pm-2pm and 7pm-8.30pm

The times I am available for in-person work are:

  • Saturday: 1pm-10pm
  • Sunday: 1pm-10pm

If you are in a different time zone from me and the times I offer for distance work don't suit you, I can prepare your distance healing session or attunement in a Chi Ball for you if you wish, so that you can call this in whenever you like at a time that suits you.  This can be arranged during booking.

Please note, if you book a distance Reading there may be around 1-2 weeks waiting time, although this :varies, depending on demand.  As I have a young family, I am working around their needs, and only working part-time, so please be patient with me, as I can only do so much work each day.  Thankyou :-)I also work with my sister Elaine and my mum Marion, who have their own therapy businesses - when working together we are HEAVENLY HOLISTICS.  We offer Holistic Pamper Parties and Holistic Events/Open Days in the South Lanarkshire area at the weekends.  Together we can come to your home or workplace offering our Spiritual, Healing and Complementary Therapy services.  Heavenly Holistics is overseen by the wonderful Goddess Isis.  For more details click herePlease note, I do not do house visits or house parties by myself - I only do these with Elaine and Marion.

 Contact Me:

Please feel free to browse my main website at your leisure, and if you would like any more information on any of my services or have any questions at all, please e-mail me or fill out the contact form on my Contact Me page.  I also have a guestbook where you can leave any comments if you wish.

Please read the disclaimer on my website before you book any of my services.  Thankyou.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Angelic Light,




This beautiful painting of my Spirit Guide, Isabella was painted and is copyrighted by Vanya Starchild.Angelic Light Spiritual & Complementary Therapies


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